Ongoing Projects

Club Lalena

A distributed, blockchain-based membership and benefits program for DIY, experimental, and regional art spaces. Club Lalena lets democratic organizations track members, volunteer labor, and benefits such as venue access, and concessions. Club Lalena can be used as a fundraising platform, and can allow shared access across multiple venues. This platform is being developed as an open source utility combining various Ethereum standards for tokens and NFTs. For inquires or to schedule a demonstration, please contact

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Compose Lalena

A decentralized audio ecosystem. Lalena is developing an experimental audio environment powered by tone.js that leverages the ethereum blockchain to allow anyone to create their own modular, MIDI-compatible instrument or self-playing music box. Creations are tied to their designers and can be traded or exchanged. The platform uses several smart contracts to allow for design experimentation and a cryptocurrency reserve tied to a proof of uniqueness.

Coin Lalena

LLA is an ERC20 utility token from Lalena, on the Ethereum network. Periodically, Lalena will invite users to participate in our ongoing research through our experimental blockchain projects. By participating in this research, you are distributed a portion of the total supply of LLA. This research typically results in the production of an open source utility where access is permitted by being an LLA holder.

Clip Lalena

As we develop our various projects, we often find that our niche needs for handling smart contracts and cryptocurrency can often be repurposed as a public utilities. Our token splitter is one project we constantly evolve as basic interfacing with the Ethereum blockchain becomes more user-friendly.